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We are Certified Public Accountants rendering professional accounting and auditing services expected of a CPA firm.

Our Consultancy Services

1. Accounting consultancy

Areas include:

•  Preparation of financial and related information to enable our clients meet their internal needs and external obligations. Various financial statements like Statement of comprehensive Income, Statement of Financial Position (Balance Sheet), Cash Flow Statement, Statement of Changes in Equity and the accompanying policies and notes for reporting and evaluation.

•  Collection and processing of financial and related information to ensure that the client's Internal needs and external obligations are addressed.

•  Analysis and appraisal of the financial and related information.

•  Production of financial and other statements and accounts and giving timely and instructive information to our clients concerning any adverse implications of the financial position as reflected in the financial statement.


•  Development and implementation of financial and related information systems for our clients.

•  Our clients are advised on the nature and purpose of financial and management Statements/accounts and explained in a manner that would go a long way to stress the importance of proper financial and related information in systems.

•  Through a careful evaluation of potentially suitable system, we determine appropriate financial and related information systems, which are consistent with our client's needs/requirements.

•  We are able to design and develop financial related information systems for our clients that incorporate adequate Internal Controls and suitable mechanisms to reveal and rectify problem areas.

•  The firm undertakes the implementation, monitoring, maintenance and modification of the client's financial and related information systems if agreed with our clients so as to maintain or improve systems performance.

Pal & Lisa Associates professionals include members / Fellows of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) of the UK, the Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Uganda (ICPAU),Institute of Internal Auditors (USA) Association Certified Fraud Examiners (USA), in addition to holding diplomas, degrees, masters and PhDs in various fields from renowned academic institutions. This makes it possible for the firm to provide a “whole” rage of professional services. The extensive training and experience possessed by the firm's personnel has prepared them to be able to render world class services to its clients in various fields.

Pal and Lisa Associates Certified Public Accountants renders consultancy services in partnership with our sister organization, Pal and Lisa professional consultants Limited which own the consultancy reports.

Our services draw directly from the world-ranging expertise that our team offers. The firm has a sufficient bank and a network of skills and resources to service the business needs of a wide client base. We work in collaboration with other professionals in various skills to add resources to our existing expertise. In this way, we ensure that our clients get value for money and are helped to succeed and meet their objectives in full.

2. Tax Consultancy

The firm has a team well versed with local and international tax practice which assists clients in understanding and implementing the implication of value Added Tax Act, Income Tax Act on their business, submission of periodic returns as prescribed by both Acts and handling of other Tax matters.

The Firm also provides tax and legal services like:-

•  Advising clients on their tax obligations, implications and potential alternatives.

•  Assist clients with tax planning to optimize their tax position.

•  Computing and agreeing the tax due by the client.

•  Negotiate and mediate for clients on all tax issues with the authorities.

3.  Company Secretarial Consultancy

The firm assists clients in Company Secretarial related work like registration of new business, understanding and implementing the provisions of the Companies Act, submission of periodic returns as prescribed by the Act and others.

4. Management Consultancy

As business grow, it needs quality management systems for effective and efficient operation. At Pal and Lisa, we assist you in developing and implementing such systems into your organization, which enables the management to have proper reach and control over all the aspects of the business thus, enabling the management to manage the business well. The firm provides services to assist clients in setting their corporate/business strategy and objectives and review business performance. Our services would ensure that:-

•  Our clients formalize their thinking concerning current and future business direction and strategy.

•  All risks associated with a particular business plan are correctly analyzed and results conveyed to the client in a manner, which allows an informed decision to be made.

•  Assist clients to set short-term business objectives and methods of achieving them.

•  If requested, assist the client to implement the agreed business plan.

•  Carry out reviews of clients' business/management performance or factors, which could contribute to business failure.

•  Where assessment reveals any problems, remedies for the deficiencies are provided.

•  Assist clients in the planning and deployment of their financial assets e.g. advising clients on capital expenditure decisions.

5. Pension Consultancy

•  We assist clients in interpretation of the relevant pension laws, regulations and contracts etc.

•  Assist clients in following up pensions and gratuity claims.

•  Areas covered include:-

•  Public Service Pension

•  Military Pension

•  Local and Urban Authorities Pension


•  Other private sector Compensation claims/Contract gratuities

•  E.A.C. Pensions

6.   Corporate Recovery consultancy

The firm has developed a corporate recovery practice to deal with corporations going through financial difficulties.


The firm has the capacity to provide services like:-

•  Divestitures of companies/corporations.

•  Restructuring/reorganizations

•  Acting as receivers, agents, trustees or liquidators in insolvency proceedings.

•  Providing stopgap management assistance in times of need.

•  Business valuations

•  Due diligence investigations

7.  Business Consultancy

The gist of business consulting is about finding solutions to business problems. To this end we recognize that change is the catchword in business re-engineering. It well prescribed the cautiously implemented; it will be to the benefit of our client's business. Owing to the diversity of this service, our service team consists of a wide range of staff and associates.


We provide the following on a consulting basis:-

•  Development of financial management and Accounting systems and controls, inclusive of documentation into relevant user manuals.

•  Budgetary Planning and Control Systems

•  Feasibility Studies

•  Writing up books of Accounts

•  Provision of expert tuition to target groups

•  Any other regular accounting work of a traditional nature


8.  Management Information System Consultancy :

In order to take decisions, management requires much information to assist management in providing timely and accurate information. Pal and Lisa Associates assist their clients in developing a tailor-made management system as per the requirements of management and best practice. We also:

•  Advise on information systems to meet requirements

•  Identify information system requirements

•  Assist in establishing structures to deliver information systems

•  Specify information systems to meet identified requirement

•  Contribute to the design of information system

•  Manage the system specification.

•  Install information systems to meet requirements

•  Implement information systems which meet requirements

•  Review and evaluate implemented information system.


9.  Internal Auditing Consultancy:

•  Design Internal Audit function for clients

•  Manage the Internal Audit function on behalf of clients

•  Prepare for and control of an internal review

•  Deliver the objectives of an internal review


10.   Human Resource Consultancy:

•  Develop and maintain effective and ethical relationship

•  Recruit and develop people;

•  Identify personnel requirements and role specifications

•  Recruit and select teams and individuals

•  Develop teams and individuals

•  Prioritize own ongoing personal and professional development


11. Fraud and other Investigations

With every transition the business undergoes, the exposure to fraud risk changes. Employee fraud too is on the increase. We are set to assist improve our clients risk management strategies including carrying out fraud related investigations. In the USA for instance it's believed that employee fraud now stands at 12%. No Entrepreneur would like such exposure. Visit us for the best weapons in this area.


12. Training and Educational Consultancy

•  We carry out training needs assessment for our clients, design training programs, develop training material and deliver training on agreed terms.

•  We also recommend programs from recognized institutions or work in partnership with some of them to meet client needs.

•  We assist clients with the registration process for the new educational or training institutions




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