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Professional Advancement Centre (PAC)is a private Institute, located in Pallisa district, in the Eastern part of Uganda within Pallisa town council. Like other rural based regions , Pallisa has low literacy levels, low income levels and generally poor standards of living which called for some transformational strategies. Education and Training at this level is likely to act as one of the turn around strategies. Other existing tertiary institutions either do not offer relevant courses or have a religious bias or are prohibitive in terms of costs.

PAC has well-qualified Professionals, Managers, Trainers and Educationists, with a wealth of knowledge and experience in the public sector, private sector, and not for profit sector.

These include;

  • Certificate and diploma programmes in Secretarial studies
  • Certificate  in computer Applications and other specialized IT Packages
  • Certificate and Diploma programmes in Tailoring, Design
  • Certificate   and diploma programmes in marketing
  • Certificate and diploma programmes in Accountancy
  • Other short term and specialized programmes as approved from time to time.
  • Institute of certified public accountants of Uganda (ICPAU)

(Accounting  technicians (ATC) and Certified public accountants of Uganda(CPAU)

  • External, Special and Revision programmes

External courses leading to the award of degrees and diplomas of various Recognized universities and professional bodies. The courses include;

  • BBA , BCOM, BED etc
  • Others
  • Technician Programmes

    • ATC(U)-  Accounting Technicians Certificate of Uganda
    • KATC- Kenya Accounting Techinicians Certificate
    • Certified Accounting Technician (CAT)

    Diploma Programmes

    Certifucate programmes

    Skills based programmes

    • Tailoring
    • Motor Vehicle Mechanics
    • Catering
    • Hair Dressing and Cosmotology.

Our tuition fees ranges from ug sh100, 000 to ug sh 600,000 per semester depending on the programme

The Institute has a well stocked library to meet student’s research needs. We also have equipped computer library with internet.

PAC has well planned infrastructure of its own in an educational and training environment. There is room for further expansion.

Admission plus registration of entrants takes place at the Institute’s main campus and its liaison offices in Kampala.


Certificate courses
For all certificate courses, a student must have sat the UCE examination or equivalent and obtained a certificate in it. Or he or she must have obtained at least one principle pass at A’ level or its equivalent.

Diploma courses

A student must have obtained at least two advanced level principal passes at Uganda Advanced certificate of Education (UACE) obtained at one sitting.

Professional programme scheme

All new entrants already having admission letters from the institute governing the professional course will be eligible. Also Candidates who completed level one or any professional course will be eligible.

My advice to students, parents, working professionals and the general public is to treat education as an investment. “The roots of education are bitter but the fruits are sweet”.



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